Statement (with recommendations) by IIDN on xenophobic attacks against Nigerians in South Africa by Chiamaka Mogo

The Initiative for Inclusive Dialogue in Nigeria (IIDN) strongly condemns the xenophobic attacks against Nigerians and other African nationals, in South Africa. The constant occurrence of xenophobic attacks in South Africa is truly disappointing. Several lives have been lost and livelihoods destroyed. There can be no justification for such actions and it is important that the South African authorities hold those responsible, to account. 

The South African and Nigerian governments need to work together and expeditiously, to find lasting solutions to these crises. 

IIDN has some recommendations which will be outlined below:

  • The government of South Africa has to mandate for all police units nationwide, training on recognizing and responding appropriately to xenophobia.

  • The South African government needs to discuss redress measures with individuals, families and business owners that have been affected in past and recent attacks.

  • The Nigerian government has to promptly organize and fund, assisted voluntary return services to citizens, who as a result of the attacks, wish to be back in Nigeria.

  • Reintegration services should also be arranged by the federal government, in collaboration with humanitarian organizations across Nigeria.

Xenophobia should have no place in Africa. We hope that the above recommendations will be implemented, in conjunction, with any other important measures that have to be taken to stop and prevent re-occurrence of the current issues in South Africa. 

IIDN is committed to good governance and inclusion. We will continue to do our part, in speaking out against violence and injustice.


The Initiative for Inclusive Dialogue in Nigeria

Nigeria Decides: Statement by the IIDN Board on Good Governance by Chiamaka Mogo

In a few days time, Nigerians will begin voting for leaders that will represent the people for the next four years. The Board of the Initiative for Inclusive Dialogue in Nigeria (IIDN) congratulates all Nigerians on this opportunity to express choice, freedom of conviction and hope. We congratulate all who have put their names forward as candidates. We urge all candidates as well as, all security and elections-monitoring staff to avoid engaging in actions that counter the objective of free and fair elections. 

Nigeria is a nation of several tribes, languages, natural resources and many more. Good governance is key to actualizing the benefits of a nation that is so naturally gifted. 

Individual statements by Board members:

Timmy Guo (Development Officer of the Board):

Governance means ensuring that things are done properly and that they are done right. One key component to good governance is good oversight in decision-making, for the benefit of the masses. To achieve good governance, there needs to be transparency, group decision-making and accountability. 

Chiamaka Mogo (President of the Board):

Good governance means that governments — national and state-level — are upholding the rule of law, prioritizing human rights, ensuring the safety of the citizenry and enacting policies that will lead to fair and sustainable socio-economic outcomes for all. 

Ellen Edet (Public Relations Officer of the Board)

Good governance means being supported by the country that you belong to. The government should prioritize the best interests of the citizens over things that are not relevant. Good governance is elected officials putting our best interests over corruption. If we as citizens are doing well, the whole country is doing well. 


The Initiative for Inclusive Dialogue in Nigeria

Statement by IIDN on the execution of humanitarian worker, Hauwa Mohammed Liman by Chiamaka Mogo

The Initiative for Inclusive Dialogue in Nigeria (IIDN) is deeply saddened by the execution of Hauwa Mohammed Liman, by the Boko Haram terrorist group. Words truly fail us at this tragedy. Hauwa was a dedicated humanitarian and healthcare worker in Rann, Borno state. Our thoughts are with her family, friends, colleagues and all who join in mourning this devastating loss.

Humanitarian workers have continued to be targets of Boko Haram. This is unacceptable. IIDN strongly appeals to the Borno state government and to the federal government of Nigeria, to prioritize safety for the people of Borno. No Nigerian and no humanitarian worker in Nigeria deserves to live a life in fear of senseless attacks.

IIDN remembers Hauwa Mohammed Liman and we wish support and healing, to all who mourn this tragic loss. 


The Initiative for Inclusive Dialogue in Nigeria

Statement by the IIDN Board on the Migrant Trade Markets in Libya by Chiamaka Mogo

The Board of the Initiative for Inclusive Dialogue in Nigeria (IIDN) is united in its condemnation, of the ongoing “slave” trade markets in Libya. We are devastated to see that such a crisis is still existing. This is sadly, yet another time to remind the world, that every human being is born with an inherent right to freedom and justice. The sellers and buyers of vulnerable Black, African migrants have caused us at IIDN, feelings of disappointment and pain. Many of these vulnerable migrants now being used as slaves are Nigerians.

The intervention of the governments of the home countries, of these migrants is an urgent necessity. We also acknowledge that these migrants fleeing home were looking for a better life. They were looking for a new home that seemed to hold a promise of being better, than their own home, where governance failed. As such, we urge the countries from which these migrants hail, to look inwards and build a nation, where everyone has a very fair chance at succeeding.

Individual Statements of IIDN’s Board Members:

“Even though we have challenged slavery and oppression for years, this is still happening. It is a result of poor governance, that people are willing to risk their lives at sea and to slavery. It is a reflection of poor governance. We have to do a lot of work, ourselves, as citizens of Africa.”

May-Marie Duwai-Sowa (Vice President of the Board)

“It is heartbreaking and saddening. There is a whole life to this person that you put a cost of $400 to. Why couldn’t it be that - “These people are trying to have a better life, let’s help them to have a better life?”. To think that it is a better option to sell a person and thinking that you can put a value on someone’s life, breaks my heart.”

Ellen Edet, (Public Relations Officer of the Board)

“It is just disappointing to see that it (slavery) is still going on and that people who are trying to get a better life are being taken advantage of. It is super sad and it is crazy to see that the perpetrators are willing to sell people, to make money and take advantage of these people that are trying to improve their lives, and making money out of that. Even more shocking is the people who buy the “slaves”. That’s the crazier thing.”

Timmy Guo (Development Officer of the Board)

“The issue of migrant slave markets in Libya is deeply disturbing. When a fellow human being stretches out a hand to one, you should in turn offer a hand, to help and not to manipulate and dehumanize that person. I urge the leaders of the African nations of which the migrants originate, to do everything within their capacity, to have these migrants liberated and returned home. Genuine and swift action is what is needed, at this time.”

Chiamaka Mogo (President of the Board)

The Initiative for Inclusive Dialogue in Nigeria

Expeditious Investigation into the Events of the Eke Ukwu Market Demolition is Required by Chiamaka Mogo

Date: September 1st, 2017

Subject: Expeditious Investigation into the Events of the Eke Ukwu market (Imo State) Demolition is Required

Last week Saturday, the renowned Eke Ukwu market of Imo State was demolished, based on an order issued by the State government. This action has led to anger, complaints and also the use of force by those in uniform, against protesting citizens.

The Initiative for Inclusive Dialogue (IIDN) condemns to the fullest, this fatal abuse of power and office by these armed officials whose mandate is to protect the lives and rights of the public. IIDN is threading the path of other concerned groups and citizens in calling for an expeditious investigation by the National Human Rights Commission (NHRC). We request and urge that the investigation cover broad grounds, especially the following:

- whether or not traders were given fair consultations and notice before the demolition
- an investigation in line with the police and army forces of Imo State, in order to hold to account, all involved in the shootings that claimed lives, including that of a 10-year old boy - Somtochukwu Ibeanusi.

Nigeria is a society of laws which were implemented to guard human rights. It is vile and unacceptable for our government leaders and security agencies to execute unlawfulness. When you treat human lives and rights as though they are negotiable, you create a scarred society. A scarred society breads failure in its different forms, it breeds division.

IIDN sends its sincere empathy to all those who are mourning a form of loss, due to the events hat ensued from the demolition of the Eke Ukwu market in Imo State. We again, urge the NHRC to act swiftly and justly on this matter.

The Initiative for Inclusive Dialogue in Nigeria

Please note: This statement was originally posted on IIDN's website on September 1st, 2017. It is now being reposted, due to technical changes to our website.