Eke Ukwu market

Expeditious Investigation into the Events of the Eke Ukwu Market Demolition is Required by Chiamaka Mogo

Date: September 1st, 2017

Subject: Expeditious Investigation into the Events of the Eke Ukwu market (Imo State) Demolition is Required

Last week Saturday, the renowned Eke Ukwu market of Imo State was demolished, based on an order issued by the State government. This action has led to anger, complaints and also the use of force by those in uniform, against protesting citizens.

The Initiative for Inclusive Dialogue (IIDN) condemns to the fullest, this fatal abuse of power and office by these armed officials whose mandate is to protect the lives and rights of the public. IIDN is threading the path of other concerned groups and citizens in calling for an expeditious investigation by the National Human Rights Commission (NHRC). We request and urge that the investigation cover broad grounds, especially the following:

- whether or not traders were given fair consultations and notice before the demolition
- an investigation in line with the police and army forces of Imo State, in order to hold to account, all involved in the shootings that claimed lives, including that of a 10-year old boy - Somtochukwu Ibeanusi.

Nigeria is a society of laws which were implemented to guard human rights. It is vile and unacceptable for our government leaders and security agencies to execute unlawfulness. When you treat human lives and rights as though they are negotiable, you create a scarred society. A scarred society breads failure in its different forms, it breeds division.

IIDN sends its sincere empathy to all those who are mourning a form of loss, due to the events hat ensued from the demolition of the Eke Ukwu market in Imo State. We again, urge the NHRC to act swiftly and justly on this matter.

The Initiative for Inclusive Dialogue in Nigeria

Please note: This statement was originally posted on IIDN's website on September 1st, 2017. It is now being reposted, due to technical changes to our website.