Good governance

Statement (with recommendations) by IIDN on xenophobic attacks against Nigerians in South Africa by Chiamaka Mogo

The Initiative for Inclusive Dialogue in Nigeria (IIDN) strongly condemns the xenophobic attacks against Nigerians and other African nationals, in South Africa. The constant occurrence of xenophobic attacks in South Africa is truly disappointing. Several lives have been lost and livelihoods destroyed. There can be no justification for such actions and it is important that the South African authorities hold those responsible, to account. 

The South African and Nigerian governments need to work together and expeditiously, to find lasting solutions to these crises. 

IIDN has some recommendations which will be outlined below:

  • The government of South Africa has to mandate for all police units nationwide, training on recognizing and responding appropriately to xenophobia.

  • The South African government needs to discuss redress measures with individuals, families and business owners that have been affected in past and recent attacks.

  • The Nigerian government has to promptly organize and fund, assisted voluntary return services to citizens, who as a result of the attacks, wish to be back in Nigeria.

  • Reintegration services should also be arranged by the federal government, in collaboration with humanitarian organizations across Nigeria.

Xenophobia should have no place in Africa. We hope that the above recommendations will be implemented, in conjunction, with any other important measures that have to be taken to stop and prevent re-occurrence of the current issues in South Africa. 

IIDN is committed to good governance and inclusion. We will continue to do our part, in speaking out against violence and injustice.


The Initiative for Inclusive Dialogue in Nigeria

Nigeria Decides: Statement by the IIDN Board on Good Governance by Chiamaka Mogo

In a few days time, Nigerians will begin voting for leaders that will represent the people for the next four years. The Board of the Initiative for Inclusive Dialogue in Nigeria (IIDN) congratulates all Nigerians on this opportunity to express choice, freedom of conviction and hope. We congratulate all who have put their names forward as candidates. We urge all candidates as well as, all security and elections-monitoring staff to avoid engaging in actions that counter the objective of free and fair elections. 

Nigeria is a nation of several tribes, languages, natural resources and many more. Good governance is key to actualizing the benefits of a nation that is so naturally gifted. 

Individual statements by Board members:

Timmy Guo (Development Officer of the Board):

Governance means ensuring that things are done properly and that they are done right. One key component to good governance is good oversight in decision-making, for the benefit of the masses. To achieve good governance, there needs to be transparency, group decision-making and accountability. 

Chiamaka Mogo (President of the Board):

Good governance means that governments — national and state-level — are upholding the rule of law, prioritizing human rights, ensuring the safety of the citizenry and enacting policies that will lead to fair and sustainable socio-economic outcomes for all. 

Ellen Edet (Public Relations Officer of the Board)

Good governance means being supported by the country that you belong to. The government should prioritize the best interests of the citizens over things that are not relevant. Good governance is elected officials putting our best interests over corruption. If we as citizens are doing well, the whole country is doing well. 


The Initiative for Inclusive Dialogue in Nigeria